8 Simple Ways to Eat Healthier

“8 Simple Ways to Eat Healthier” Guidelines

Eat Twice as many Vegetables as Fruit

Buy Organic, Non-GMO Produce Locally grown and Farmer’s Markets are acceptable!

Consume Healthy Fats including butter, fish oils, olive oils, coconut, almond, macadamia nut and grape seed oils. Avoid vegetable oils, canola oils, hydrogenated oils, or peanut.

Avoid High Glycemic Foods (they cause a fast rise in blood sugar) such as Anything White (Bread, Rice, Sugar, Pasta), corn, bananas, and white potatoes, sugars, corn syrup. Instead use Stevia 100% Whole Leaf Organic if needed (gradually increase, may cause stomach upset)

Drink lots of Water, Not Tap Water!

Drink at least 8 cups (8 oz cup) a day

Spring or Mineral water is best

Drink most between Meals

You can add fresh squeezed lime or lemon.

Do Not Skip Meals Especially Breakfast!

Limit Alcohol, Caffeine, Tobacco and other stimulants. For high caffeine user an excellent substitute is Green Tea! Feel free to drink all you want!

Eat Enough Protein! Protein stabilizes blood sugar and reduces sugar cravings, repairs your body

  • Choose ocean fish (wild) like salmon, Cod, Flounder, etc.
  • Organic Turkey and Chicken.
  • Avoid local lake Fish and Farmed fish.
  • Amount should be size and thickness of your palm is about 6 oz.
  • Try to purchase Free-Range, Grass-Fed, Antibiotic-free, hormone-free.
  • Baking or roasting preferred to grilling or frying.

*** Shop the outer-perimeter of your supermarket. Avoid packaged processed food or anything not resembling real whole foods.

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