Immune System Weakness

I am 18 years old and have suffered from canker sores for as long as I could remember. Since taking the essential fatty acids he found I was deficient in and receiving adjustments I very rarely get a sore. Thank You Dr. Castaldi.
- S. Andersen

For many years, I suffered from Sinus clogging every morning. Now, I no longer suffer from clogged Sinuses, since I have been on a program with Dr. Castaldi. He added Antronex to my program which has fixed my chronic sinus problem of over 20 years!
- Joe V.

I was suffering from Sinus Infections due to long flights. These would progress into upper respiratory infections. It was happening a few times a year for many years. After working with Dr. Castaldi for just six months and continuing to fly a lot for work, I have had no issues with my ears or sinuses and my lungs feel open and it is effortless to breathe.
- C. Andersen

I had been suffering with frequent urination and pressure to urinate frequently. This would interfere with my sleep and daily routine. This had been going on for 2 months. Since seeing Dr. Castaldi I don’t even think about my bladder anymore, there is no pressure feeling to urinate and I sleep through the night.                                                                                                                                 
- J. Okula

Dr. Castaldi is a Healer! Suspending your disbelief and following his protocol will change your life! It changed mine! I was diagnosed with an immune system problem which is very common but difficult to treat. I had done the whole antibiotic protocol and tried treating it myself with little to no success. It’s been a few years on the Nutrition Program with Dr. Castaldi and I can honestly say that I am 80 to 90 percent improved! I am even going to the gym again. See him it’s worth it!
- D. Freed

Prior to seeing Dr. Castaldi I would get sick all the time. I would constantly be on and off antibiotics. Since Dr. Castaldi started rebuilding my immune system with natural supplements and homeopathics almost a year and a half ago, I rarely get sick and when I do he adjusts my program and I am better within a few days if not the next!
- J. Quaranta

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