Pain & Inflammation

I was in horrible pain for 3 years. I had burning and tingling from my neck into my shoulders and down both arms which was ruining my life. I couldn’t even carry a five-pound bag, I was in so much pain. After 6 weeks on Dr. Castaldi’s Nutrition Program I was completely out of pain and 8 months later I had a mild flare up that lasted one day. I am better and am so grateful I can live a normal happy life.
- R. Hajera

I had experienced extreme pain in my lower back and hips, the right side of my jaw kept shifting making it hard to open and close my mouth. I was also having pain and clicking in my right ear. Since seeing Dr. Castaldi, getting adjusted and taking the supplements that tested for me, 3 weeks later I am feeling great again!  After a year of being on the program I can honestly say that I forget I even had neck, back and jaw pain!
- A. Maximo

I had developed severe hip pain out of nowhere. I went to Dr. Castaldi and he tested me and told me my prostate was stressed which caused the pain. He gave me Prost-X and adjusted me. That night the pain got worse and the next morning the pain was completely gone. It’s been a week since the pain went away and it still has not returned. I am continuing with the Prost-X. Thanks Dr. Castaldi.
- A.Miele

I had been suffering from arm and joint pains into my hands. I did not sleep well because of the pain.
Now since seeing Dr. Castaldi and starting the Nutrition Response Program I feel much better after two weeks and no longer feel pain.
- H. Gonzalez

Before coming to Dr. Castaldi, I would walk on the treadmill and wasn’t walking right. I had hip surgery and even rehab but still felt my ability to walk normally wasn’t right. I would have to stop after 20 minutes of walking due to severe pain.  After seeing Dr. Castaldi for about 6 weeks now I can walk on the treadmill for an hour and a half with no pain and my gait is much better. 
- P. Sarvanello

I am a massage therapist and had developed pain in my left arm, carpal tunnel of both hands and severe neck pain. To treat the pain in the left arm, Dr. Castaldi treated an injury to my right knee I had sustained from a car accident about 6 years ago. After complying with a nutrition response program to address my Thyroid, adjustments and eating healthy the pain in my neck and carpal tunnel is gone.
- Julietta C.

My 14 year-old Mia who competes in gymnastics injured her left ankle during a meet one year ago. She was cleared by the doctor to go back to her sport about one month later but would wrap her ankle because it still hurt. Since Dr. Castaldi treated her ankle recently, for the first time she has had no pain and doesn’t need to tape it. Dr. Castaldi got her ankle to heal after a year of suffering. Amazing!
- M. Dilello

I am 18 years old and injured my wrists, my mid back and my shoulder. Dr. Castaldi handles all of that through Nutrition, Chiropractic and Applied Kinesiology. By taking the right supplements, avoiding certain foods and receiving adjustments my wrist and back pain have completely gone away. My shoulder is 50 percent better and continues to heal.
- S. Andersen

I feel Amazing! After a year and a half of working with Dr. Castaldi on my health issues I am no longer in and out of doctor offices for being chronically sick all the time and do not take any medications anymore. I take the supplements Dr. Castaldi prescribes. My chronic and debilitating low back pain I suffered with for many years is markedly improved and stays improved. I highly recommend him!
- S. Torres

I am very happy because after 10 years of struggling with Fibromyalgia, doctors and specialists the nutrition response testing program Dr. Castaldi has me following is really helping! After being on the program for 2 months I do not have pain anymore. I highly recommend Dr. Castaldi for anyone suffering from this debilitating disease.
- J. Beckles

My thumb and wrist were really bothering me, very achy on my right hand. I am an art teacher and this was a real problem for me because it was not getting better and I couldn’t stop working. Dr. Castaldi put me on a nutritional program to heal the tendonitis and pain. After a few weeks of continuing the supplements and not eating gluten I have no more pain and I never lost time from work!
- S. Bevil

I had a fall shattering the back of my heel bone breaking away and my Achilles tendon detaching from the bone. With the Chiropractic adjustments, kinesiology assessments and nutritional supplements provided by Dr. Castaldi, I see and feel a dramatic improvement in the return of proper function to my foot and heel. Dr. Castaldi has truly facilitated a miraculous degree of healing that would not have been possible for me, otherwise. 
- S. Leggiero

I came to Dr. Castaldi due to frequent urination that would keep me up all night. Since starting the nutrition response Program just a month ago I am getting up to urinate much less and didn’t expect the pain in my shoulders for years to completely disappear. 
- K. Haughton

I have been suffering with a herniated disc in my low back that would disable me periodically throughout the year.  Even when I wasn’t disabled I would always be aware of the pain radiating into my lower legs. Since starting the Nutrition program with Dr. Castaldi I have felt so much better and the pain in my lower legs has now disappeared!
- N. Westcarr

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