Chronic Fatigue & Insomnia

I was left debilitated from taking Statin drugs. After stopping them I continued to suffer daily with allergies, pain, fatigue and uncomfortable head sensations and tingling that were affecting my ability to do my job. I am a high school basketball coach. I’ve been on an NRT program with Dr. Castaldi, and all my symptoms gradually became less and less. After 2 years on the program my energy is like it was 3 years ago prior to starting Statins.
- M. Blanco

I came to see Dr. Castaldi because I was having difficulty sleeping at night and would frequently wake up severely dehydrated. I was drinking almost a quart of water. I was feeling very fatigued also. After a few days of starting the supplements he recommended and cutting down sugar I have been able to sleep through the night. I feel much more balanced and energetic. I am even going to start exercising again! Thank You Dr. Louis!
- Tracy L.

I was on a nutrition program for many years. It was very helpful but it did not alleviate all my issues/symptoms. I came to Dr. Castaldi for individualized advice. At the time my energy was low and I had mild brain fog. Dr. Castaldi suggested a supplement protocol customized to my own body’s needs. After few months the brain fog was gone and my energy markedly increased.
- Roman T.

I came to Dr. Castaldi due to frequent urination that would keep me up all night due to prostate trouble. Since starting the nutrition response Program one month ago I am getting up to urinate much less and have more energy during the day because I am now able to get more sleep.
- K. Haughton

When I first came to see Dr. Castaldi I was dealing with a higher level of fatigue, bloating, issues and general questions about what I should be eating to properly heal my body. Since starting the nutrition response testing program, I feel less tired. While I may feel tired from lack of sleep, it’s not exhaustion, where I used to lie down in the middle of day. My energy has definitely increased. 
- R. Kaminer

Before seeing Dr. Castaldi I was chronically tired and had frequent headaches. Now I can’t even remember the last time I had a headache and I wake up with energy where before it was hard to get out of bed. Most importantly I now know what foods I need to avoid in order to stay healthy. 
- N. Murray

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