Digestive Issues

I am an RN and was diagnosed years ago with IBS, Acid Reflux, bloating and fatigue. I learned to live with it not thinking there was anything I could do. Since starting the nutrition program with Dr. Castaldi a few months ago I am 80 percent improved!
- Eileen D.

When I first came in to Dr. Castaldi, I was suffering from bad acid reflux for years. Since taking the appropriate supplements and avoiding certain foods my reflux has completely gone away!
- C.Sosa 

When I first came to see Dr. Castaldi I was dealing with a higher level of bloating and general questions about what I should be eating to properly heal my body. Since starting the nutrition response testing program the bloating has been much better. 
- Robin K. 

Since seeing Dr. Castaldi my digestion is improved greatly. I was on multiple medications for my stomach for years. He told me to cut out grains and gluten which I used to have for breakfast every day and also put me on homeopathics. Since complying with my program and making those changes my stomach is so much better and I am off all medications.
- Alexis D.

I had ulcerative colitis, bleeding and mucus and pain in my rectum. I was very weak, depressed and tired all the time. Urgency to move bowels 4-8 times a day, loose stool, never a normal bowel movement. Right side pain near the appendix on 3 medications daily that made me dizzy and fatigued. Had to stop my normal fitness routine. Since starting the Nutrition Response Testing program, I now have
normal bowel movements and very little blood and mucus in my stool. I’m not depressed any longer, and the pain on my right side is 80 percent better! I have more energy to perform my fitness routine and use only one medication when necessary.
- Alex S.

I felt like I was dying. Dr. Castaldi found out that my underlying problem was wheat, corn and soy. This was causing my digestion condition which was being treated with drugs and not helping. I felt horrible! After about a week of detox and natural enzymes, I feel like a brand-new person. It’s been 5 months since I started the program and I continue to feel amazing and no longer take medications.
- M. Morrison

I have had chronic reflux for years and take medication for it. Since Dr. Castaldi has been treating me I very rarely take the stomach medication. I attribute my results to my change in diet and the supplements he had me on to heal the lining of my stomach.
- E. Sosa

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