Allergies & Asthma

Before seeing Dr. Castaldi I had daily sinus issues. I suffered from a stuffy nose and asthma every day, no matter how much Claritin I took or how much I tried to avoid allergens. I could not figure out what was wrong and neither could my allergists or ENT! About 6 weeks since starting the program my allergies have disappeared! Most importantly I now know what foods I need to avoid in order to stay healthy. 
- N. Murray

I was having a lot of trouble breathing for about 3 weeks. With the help of Dr. Castaldi’s nutrition program and supplements my breathing has improved greatly!
- A.Vega

For many years, I suffered from Sinus clogging every morning. Now, I no longer suffer from clogged Sinuses, since I have been on a program with Dr. Castaldi. 
- Joe V.

I suffered from year-round allergies and sinus infections. Prior to seeing Dr. Castadli, I was taking medication and having shots for allergies for 3 yrs. After being on a program, my allergies and sinus problems have gotten much better. When I do have allergies or sinus problems, I have him adjust my supplements and I get better in minutes.
- S.C.

I was suffering from Sinus Infections due to long flights. These would progress into upper respiratory infections. It was happening a few times a year for many years. After working with Dr. Castaldi for just six months and continuing to fly a lot for work, I have had no issues with my ears or sinuses and my lungs feel open and it is effortless to breathe.
- C. Andersen

My 3-year-old son was covered in eczema and it was only getting worse, he was so cranky. He was tested by an allergist and was told that Milk was not a problem. When Dr. Castaldi tested him, he found a severe milk sensitivity in addition to heavy metals. After a few weeks of having Axel on the nutrition his skin is completely clear!
- C.Ezra

I had severe swelling around my eyes from working in the florist shop. In the past before seeing Dr. Castaldi, I would take Benadryl for it and if that wouldn’t work, I would have taken a steroid. After seeing Dr. Castaldi the last time this happened, he put me on a homeopathic. The very next day the swelling was reduced by 80 percent and the itching was completely gone.
- Toni C.

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