Hormonal Imbalances & Energy

Since I was 18 years old, I had been to several doctors for my thyroid who all told me it was normal based on blood tests. At the age of 25, I came to see Dr. Castaldi. I am feeling much better. I have more energy and I can eat more food like protein without gaining weight plus I have lost weight and feel less bloated.
- M. Quaranta

Before coming to Dr. Castaldi my periods were irregular and my hormones were off. After doing his Nutrition Program my cycle is now regular and healthy like when I was a teenager. Most importantly I am much less anxious and have a lot more energy.
- J. Tembeck

After 6 or 7 weeks on the Nutrition Response Testing Program I am feeling much better. My menstrual cycle is regular again and I am not tired anymore. I highly recommend Dr. Castaldi as a holistic doctor who gets great results.
- H. Raccanelli

I came to Dr. Castaldi due to frequent urination that would keep me up all night due to prostate trouble. Since starting the nutrition response Program one month ago I am getting up to urinate much less and have more energy during the day because I am now able to get more sleep.
- K. Haughton

I came in for help because I was nauseous all the time and very fatigued. Since being on the Nutrition Program with Dr. Castaldi I have had no nausea, my energy is back and my memory has even improved!
- M. Pagano

Prior to seeing Dr. Castaldi I was experiencing hot flashes numerously throughout the day. They were getting worse and I did not want to take hormones. After a few weeks on his program my hot flashes were dramatically reduced and after a few months I very seldomly have one. if I do it is due to eating sugar. I would not have known this if it wasn’t for the Nutrition Response Testing.  
- L. Andersen

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